Last Day

This #write31days post is one in a series about the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.  You can find the other posts in the series here.

The last weekend snuck up on me pretty quickly.  I was starting to get tired from Phantom’s Feast rehearsals, but I still wasn’t ready for the end of Faire.  (More about Phantom’s Feast later.)

We had been celebrating the Sea Sirens.  It’s the group of female pirates…  Excuse me, Privateers.  This was their last season as a group out at Faire.  They are sort of the beloved female scallywags, and everyone was sad to see them leave.  Captain Cinn was the leader.

Photo credit to Mark Leaver, I think. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Photo credit to Mark Leaver, I think. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

I did take my phone in on the last Saturday to sneak some photos.  I kept thinking, “If only I could walk around with my camera when there is no one else around!”  So I took my phone and got the best photos I could.

Dressing Room

Welcome to the dressing room.  Why yes, it IS in the middle of the parking lot.  Which is why I was at least partially dressed when I got there every day.

Checking In

This is our check in booth, with the lovely Patricia and the lovely tea duchess.  Also pictured is one of the members of Pictus, a very lovely and LOUD Celtic music group.

SneakyPhonePhotos (12) SneakyPhonePhotos (24)

Here’s what the festival grounds look like before the opening canon.  Pretty bare without any people.

SneakyPhonePhotos (16)Getting ready for the last Royal Court morning meeting.  8:45 every morning.

SneakyPhonePhotos (28)

How about a sneak peek?  This is the backstage area or “Parade Rest” where we get ready for the parade every day.  And it’s a fun place to see the people you don’t get to interact with on a daily basis.

SneakyPhonePhotos (34)

Then there is the end of the day when there is no sunlight and the vendors are trying to close. It gets pretty dark and eerie out there.

SneakyPhonePhotos (38)

And the light changes everything.  But it’s also a really good time to unwind and give hugs and undress as quickly as you can.  You have to rest for the next day.

SneakyPhonePhotos (45)

Which… as the last day… becomes odd.  You see strange sights.  Like female Yeoman.  The Yeoman are the King’s bodyguards and part of the living history section of the faire.

So the last day came.  And it became, “this is the last time we’ll have morning meeting,” “these are the last gold stars of the season,” “this is our last parade,” “this is our last performance on this stage,” “this is the last Last Huzzah.”  It became a very tearful and emotional day.


Let me introduce you to my friend Rolo.  Rowan and RoloNot the brownie with the green stuff in his beard.  That’s Rowan.  No, the gypsy with the red headband, that’s Rolo.

Do you remember when I was telling you about the Coronation Ceremony, that I mentioned the person who was going to cater the cake backed out at the last minute, so everyone else got involved, and we ended up with cake for 350 people?  Well, when the reception was over and done with and the Romani were cleaning the building, Rolo decided that he would take one of the leftover cakes and smush it into my dear sister’s face.  Apparently, Princess Catherine needed a cake facial.

Then he proceeded to stalk every single picture of her for the rest of the season saying “needs more cake.”

So, I did what any rational person would do.

Plotted my revenge, of course.

We waited until the last show of the last day.  We walked up and interrupted their “Aye, Papa” show, which was their funny, improv show.  I stated that we needed him to teach all the young men how to properly “woo” because they seemed to be having trouble.  Cake (2)He got in front of Princess Catherine on one knee and started rambling.

Cake (1)And on the count of three….  This happened.

Cake (3)We each had a cupcake hidden in our swishy sleeves. Tessa had two. And then Rollo had four.  On his face!  Revenge is sweet!  😀

But in all honesty, it kept from saying “It’s the last….” all day long, and for that, I am grateful.

Photo Credit to Rnee' O'Brien

Photo Credit to Rnee’ O’Bannon

Because even though it was the last day, it was still a really good day.



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  1. Awww, Melinda, you look so pretty in that last shot. This series has been SO much fun to read. I’m not for certain – but I’m pretty sure – I would have loved rocking that dress in real life. 😊


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