The Food of the Renaissance Festival

This #write31days post is one in a series about the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.  You can find the other posts here.

We’ve talked about the music of the festival.  We’ve talked about the vendors of the festival.  What’s left?  Food of course.

Turkey Legs and Scotch Eggs.  Funnel cakes and cheesecake on a stick.  Hamburgers and baked potatoes.  Burnt ends and crêpes.  The amount and variety of food available is astounding.

One thing I wasn’t expecting, was to be fed.  I thought I would be expected to take my lunch every day and eat when I could.  I never expected to get a lunch break with my fellow characters.  And I never expected to get fed for free!

We got a ticket every day when we signed in for the day. We took the ticket behind one of the shop areas, and when we turned it in, we were able to eat.  There was lasagna a couple of times, and soup at least once.  For the most part I got to eat hamburgers and hot dogs.  Not bad.  A little boring, but not bad.  Lunch Break

And we got a break.  We got to sit and rest and be out of character for a bit.  We got to talk to people we wouldn’t see the rest of the day.  It was interesting.

Lunch Break TentI’m sorry about the quality of my photos in this post.  I wasn’t really supposed to carry my phone, so when I did, I tried to be sneaky about pictures.  😉

The food is very good overall, and when you come to visit, I will show you all of the best places!




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  1. two of my favorite foods, turkey drumsticks and scotch eggs. I have a recipe to make them, but haven’t in a long time…may be on my menu soon now 🙂


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