The Vendors of the Renaissance Festival

This #write31days post is one in a series about the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.  You can find the others in the series here

Why do you go to a Renaissance Festival?  Well, there’s the historical aspect, of course.  Where else can you find a “nice” King Henry VIII besides in Kansas City?  There’s the music to listen to, and the food (more about that later).

But for years, the reason I went to this Festival was for the vendors.

I could spend hours looking at all the wonderful shops.  I never realized how many shows there are, because I was too busy shopping.  In the interest of being transparent and honest, I will admit that I never bought a lot, but I did lots of looking.

This year, I was able to get to know some of the vendors.  It was the last season for one of my favorite vendors, Jerusalem Stone.  The father has always been so kind to everyone, and he is an extremely talented artist.

Photo Credit to Sight Photography

Photo Credit to Sight Photography

My understanding is that the son, Ben, is going to Israel.  Good luck in your move, Ben.  Shalom.

Credit goes to Wolf Photography

Credit goes to Wolf Photography

Then there is the Dragon Shop.

Dragon Shop - Photo Credit to Rnee' O'Brien

Dragon Shop – Photo Credit to Rnee’ O’Bannon

That’s not really what it’s called, but that’s what I called it.  They had a 20 foot stuffed dragon sitting outside, that purred when you pet it, and roared when you stopped.  There was also a young lady who made origami dragons.  She and I struck up a conversation, and she started making me paper crowns to hand out to all the boys who didn’t want a tiara.  😉  She has beautiful eyes.

Photo Credit to Ed Harrison

Photo Credit to Ed Harrison

There are the face painters.  It seemed like they always had a line, and that every child had some sort of paint on their face.  I only wish Princess Sophia could have visited them at least once.

Photo credit to Todd Riggins Photography

Photo credit to Todd Riggins Photography

There was also the honey vendor, the lantern maker who also had wizard wands and walking sticks, and the rose sellers.

Shopping is always fun at the Renaissance Festival.


P.S.  A note to all the photographers.  I am trying very hard to make sure I give proper credit.  If I have mislabeled or not labeled, please correct me.  I will fix it ASAP.


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