Family Life…. or is it Fairmly?

This #write31days post is one in a series about the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.  You can find the rests of the posts here.

In the comment section of The Coronation Ceremony, Kelly S asked the following questions:

These posts are so fun! I found you via the 31 Dayers fb group. So, do you get paid for being in the Ren Faire? And how have you found the time to participate since you have kids? (I think you mentioned that?) Looks like fun!

I thought I would take a moment to answer them and any others that might come up.

It IS fun!  I highly recommend it at least once to everybody.

Yes, I did get paid.  It was actually quite a shock when I filled out my contract, because until that point, I had thought it was all volunteer.  But like any contract, I’m not supposed to talk about how much.  I will say, the passes that we get for working made it a lot easier for my family and friends to attend this year.

How have I found time?  I still don’t know.  What you may or may not realize, Kelly S, is that I also homeschool my kids, who are aged 16 and 10.  I did try to do lesson plans and school work, at least the first two weeks.  I ended up just saying, let’s do math and reading today, and we’ll get back to regular school after it’s all over.  One of my new fair friends called it “Skeleton School.”  It’s appropriate.

Little Bit Dancing

Photo Credit to Rnee’ O’Bannon

But they also came out to play at the Fair too.

Photo Credit to Rnee' O'Bannon

Photo Credit to Rnee’ O’Bannon

The rehearsal times, the parades, the promos, all of that all summer long didn’t take as much time as it seems.  My family was pretty understanding about that.  They know my reason for joining the Festival in the first place, so they put up with it.

The actual fair season, I was really only busy all day Saturdays and all day Sundays.  I made sure to spend time with my children and my husband during the week.  Other than that, I try to take care of what’s most important and not worry about the little stuff.

Photo Credit to Boo

Photo Credit to Boo

I have been trying very hard not to think about next year, because I set a boundary for myself not to decide until January.  However, if I do participate again, I want my family to join me.  That will either make things easier or more complicated.

One other thing I wanted to mention is a word that gets thrown around Canterbury a lot.  (Canterbury is the name of the village at the KC Renaissance Festival.). It’s the term “Fairmly,” a play on the word “Family.”  The relationships, the looking out for each other, the time you spend with one another, it truly becomes a family.  My “sisters” are truly my sisters now.

Photo Credit to Mark Lever

Photo Credit to Mark Lever

And I love it.



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