The Romani Revel

This post is part of the #Write31Days challenge and is about the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.  You can find all the other posts in my series here.

One thing I have learned above everything else is that the Ren Fest performers love to have a good party.  It seems like we are always celebrating something, if it is the graduation ceremony from Canterbury Conservatory (aka rehearsals), or the last Huzzah at the end of the day, or a great big cast party.

One of those celebrations happens to be called the Romani Revel, and just like Site Weekend, it gave the Romani, or the gypsies a chance to shine and show us what they had learned.

Only, we had to be in character and have a password and token to attend.

Because it would never do for a princess to be seen in the company of the Romani!  They are beneath her class.

But really, it’s quite a fun event.  You get to adapt your costume.  For me, that meant not wearing the blue overgrown and taking the blue sleeves off.  You get to wear a mask to hide your identity.  Here’s my mask.RevelMask

The Romani show their dances.  The Fae come and show their dances.  You eat, you dance, and generally have a grand time.  I think I was most fascinated with the fire dancing.

At the end of the evening, the Papa of the Romani danced with a beautiful fair lady, who looked an awful lot like Queen Anne.  All of a sudden, the King bursts in yelling and complaining and just being all around angry, and demanding that the members of his court reveal themselves!

And off came the masks.  There was Duke Brandon, and the Empress of Nubia, and my sister.  I did my very best to hide.  Until the Empress ratted me out!

But I was the very last one revealed.

I received the very best compliment from the Maestro the next day.  He was very pleased with the improv of the last young lady who had tried to hide from his Majesty.  He didn’t know who I was!  Apparently my disguise worked!Disguised

It was a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to do it again.


Credit for the header image goes to Totae, the leader of the Romani.