Rehearsals with my sisters

This post is part of a #Write31Days challenge in which I attempt to write a blog post a day on any topic I choose.  I chose the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.  You can find all the posts in the series here.

My role in the Renaissance Festival is one of three Singing Princesses.  Which means, I am a part of a singing trio.  Considering I’ve always wanted to sing, this was a BIG deal.

But I didn’t know these girls.  Who are they?  What are they about?  Do they sing well?  What parts do they sing?  What part am I going to be singing?

And the very big one…. What are we going to sing?

Well, first there is Brooke.  She’s a little bit older than I am.  She’s married with two sons.  She’s the veteran of our group and a soprano.

And she’s a good role model.  We have similar belief systems, so she is very easy to get along with.

Then there is Tessa.  She’s a sweet young lady who is still in her teens.  She is a bit too easily distracted, but she works hard at her singing.  She’s an alto.

Which means I usually sing second soprano, which can be a mix of soprano and alto.  But I think I also figured out that Whitney Houston may have been a second soprano.  So I’m in good company.  😉

But this post is supposed to be about rehearsals together.  It was hard to get together the first month and a half, because Tessa was involved with a local production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamboat.

Then there was the struggle of locations and where to meet.

If you look at a map of Kansas City, you can see the major roads and the state line divide the city in to four parts.  There is also a loop around the city.  So….  Brooke lives in the top left corner outside of the loop.  I live in the top right corner inside the loop, and Tessa lives in the bottom right corner outside the loop.

But thanks to the inventions of sound cloud and Facebook messenger, we figured it out.

We met at my house, at Brooke’s house, at the church before a rehearsal, or after a rehearsal.  (We tried to do one through Skype, but it didn’t work out very well.)

We tried one way, we tried a different way.  We sang high, we sang low.  We worked hard.

And it’s come out beautiful.

I actually got a compliment the other day.  One of the other performers had heard us sing, and said, “you guys, your harmonies are wonderful.  You’ve really come a long way since the start.”

I love singing.  I love singing with my sisters.  It has been a good year.