Today’s #Write31Days post is all about the parades.  This post is one in a series about my time in the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.  You can find the rest of the series here.

Parades.  Walking.  Lots of walking.  Heat.  Costumes!

Part of being in the Renaissance Festival means you get to do promos.  Part of those promos include walking in parades.  At least two for Royal Court.

For the first parade, I was very excited.  My kirtle had been finished just a few days prior.  My wonderful seamstress, Mary had actually loaned me a gown to go over it.

June6Dress (2)And then it rained.

It only rained for a few minutes right before the parade started while we were getting dressed.  But it was enough that there were puddles.

Let me tell ya…. a wet dress is just downright HEAVY!

The Fourth of July parade was next.  It was interesting, because we have to arrive at the staging grounds incredibly early, because the city closes the roads ahead of the parade.  It is also the first time that everyone is required to be in their costume for the current season.  It doesn’t have to be completely finished, but it does have to be presentable to the public.

And it was hot.

The middle of summer, and just as warm as all get out.  In full costume.

One positive note is that because it was so warm, the managers needed extra people to walk with the parade and hand out water.  Boo decided to tag along for the experience.  It was fun being together.

So, now for pictures.

July4thParadeGetting my hair braided by the ever awesome Suzanne.  I can braid Boo’s hair.  I can’t braid my own.  It’s weird.  So Suzanne has helped me quite a bit with that.

July4thParade (3)Our first official picture as “the Singing Princesses of Poland.”  Left to Right….  Princess Sophia, Princess Catherine, and Princess Isabella.  AKA Me, Tessa, and Brooke.

July4thSistersAnd our normal pose.  I may be “silly Sophia,” but Tessa is the youngest and it shows quite often.  LOL

July4thParade (5)One of the more professional photographers took this one of us.  Thank you to Mirror Images.  (Please go visit their Facebook page.)

July4thParade (7)Progressing to the staging area for the parade.

July4thParade (8)And the parade itself!  We walked behind the Nubian Court.  They are also visiting royalty, but because it is the Emperor and the Empress, they “outrank” us.  We’re just princesses, after all!

July4thParade (1)

Credit goes to That Gal with the Camera.

And we had Lord Weston and Lady Bess walking behind us.  The actor behind Lord Weston has become a treasured friend.  I hope everyone has a “Sasquatch” in their lives.

July4thParade (4)

Credit goes to That Gal with the Camera

Parades become a test.  A test of how prepared are you.  Can you endure the heat, and the walking, and the yelling?  Have you taken the classes to heart and practiced your accent?  It becomes a test of how long can you keep a smile on your face.

But just like everything involved with this adventure, ultimately, it’s about the people.


PS. Credit for the last two photos go to That Gal with the Camera.  Check out her other photos on her Facebook page.  She has been shooting all season long.


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