Looking Like a Princess

This post is part of a series about the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.  You can find the other posts here.

So Melinda, you’ve been cast as a princess, and you’ve had your first court meeting.  What’s next?

Why a costume of course!

One of the very first things we had to do was design our gowns.  Being part of a trio, we had to be very nearly identical.

So after pouring over the costume guidelines, and after a meeting at Joann’s that everyone seemed to be there, we took this blank sketch  ( CourtWoman-CostumeSketchTemplate ) and came up with this rough idea, where we each have a different fabric in the same pattern.  I chose blue, naturally.  The younger sister has a light green because of her red hair, and the older sister has a burgundy red color.WP_20150504_12_29_17_Pro

I do have to tell you that the hardest part of designing the dress was what has lovingly been called “the swishy sleeves.”  The director wanted a fantasy type sleeve that would identify us as princesses but different than the other princesses.

And now, I want to introduce you to a relatively new Office application called Sway.  Why now?  Because I made an entire presentation about my dress using this application and I want to show it off.  Hope you like it!  Click on this link to find the presentation.



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