One of those days

It’s been one of those days.  You know the ones.  The ones where you look at an elephant and think I can eat that, and then you realize you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.

So I have to go back to the old saying:  “How do you eat an elephant?”  “One bite at a time.”

And I need to go back to the heart of this blog, being thankful.

Sept 25: 3 gifts finished

  1. Grandpa’s book. 901
  2. College.  902
  3. Finishing a good book is always wonderful gift.  903

Sept 26: 3 gifts flourishing

  1. Little Bit.  If flourishing means very lively, then Little Bit fits the description.  904
  2. Renaissance Festival.  It seems like I keep hearing that this is the best cast in years.  And I am enjoying every minute of it.  905
  3. Helping “Princess Sophia” to have a magical outing to the Festival.  It’s a story that will follow later.  906

Sept 27: A gift unexpected, uneven, unpopular

  1. Courage. 907
  2. My table.  908
  3. Leadership. 909

Sept 28: 3 gifts shy

  1. Boo. I would like for her to break out of her shell a bit.  But I do love her very much.  She is a sweet girl.  910
  2. Stage Fright. 911
  3. My husband is a bit shy.  But I love him too.  912

Sept 29: 3 gifts shelved

  1. My wedding dress.  913
  2. A handkerchief for Little Bit.  914
  3. My glass bowl.  915

Sept 30: 3 gifts shining

  1. My wedding ring. 916
  2. Little Bit’s faith.  She is a shining example to me.  917
  3. The gift of light in a sunset.  918

Well, the day is almost over.  It’s almost time to get the Write 31 Days challenge started.  I hope you will join me as I try to describe my experience with the Renaissance Festival.



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