I am thankful to be alive

Today, I am thankful to be alive.  (876)  I am so glad that I get to be here.  I get to see (877) and taste (878) and touch (879) and bring comfort (880).  I have made the purposeful decision to remain here on this earth as long as God allows me, and I will spend that time doing His will.  I believe that He will call me home when it is time, and not one minute before.  (881)

Alright.  On to my gratitude list for the … week?  I forget.  I seem to have lost all sense of time.  lol

Sept. 19:  3 gifts in conversation

  1. A deeper understanding of one another.  (882)
  2. The ability to explain more fully.  Conversation is so much better than texts.  (883)
  3. The ability to share each other’s burdens.  Women are particularly adept at this.  (884)

Sept. 20:  3 gifts in salvation

  1. Jesus.  I will always be grateful for Jesus.  (885)
  2. Hope in the eternal.  (886)
  3. A new life.  (887)

Sept. 21:  3 gifts in information

  1. Momma always told me to “look it up.”  So the search for truth.  (888)
  2. Knowledge of the world around us.  (889)
  3. Information can also lead to imagination.  (890)

Sept. 22:  A gift rattling, receding, reclaiming

  1. Receiving my mom’s quilting material rattled me to my core.  (891)
  2. The memories of her illness are receding.  They are still there, but they are not as vivid.  That is a gift.  (892)
  3. My autographed picture of Bill Clinton.  I had thought it might be lost forever, and instead, I get to reclaim it.  (893)

Sept. 23:  3 gifts quiet

  1. Camping in the woods.  It’s my favorite quiet spot.  (894)
  2. Rest.  Life is crazy busy, and sometimes noisy.  Quiet brings rest for me.  (895)
  3. Study time.  I feel like I get a better time to study the Bible when it’s quiet.  I feel closer to God and can concentrate when I get up before the children.  (896)

Sept. 24:  3 gifts funny

  1. My dad was one of the corniest people ever.  I miss his jokes, but thankfully, I know most of them.  😉  (897)
  2. The gift of laughing at every little thing that may or may not be silly with my girls.  We call them giggle fests.  (898)
  3. Dale.  He seems pretty serious, but he’s got quite a sense of humor.  It’s taken me 18 years and I still don’t have it figured out.  I love laughing with him.  (899)

I feel like I need one more, just for kicks.  I’m thankful for second chances and opportunities given.  (900).  One hundred more.  I only need one hundred more to have my One Thousand gifts for the year.  Of course, I won’t be stopping at 1000, and I will continue being grateful everyday.   But I am amazed to see how far I’ve come this year.


And now I give you, a picture of a piano.  Just because.