The first weekend is over!

The veteran performers for the KC Renaissance Festival said it more than once:  Be prepared.  The first weekend is hard.  The first weekend is hot.  Prepare yourself.

I didn’t listen very well.

Actually, I listened.  I just didn’t follow through very well.  It is rather embarrassing to be sent home for heat exhaustion twice, and to be on heat restrictions.  I’m fairly upset with how my body has let me down.  I want a magic pill to fix it all!  (Insert grumpy face here.)

But this blog is not about complaining.  This blog is about being thankful.

I am thankful that the medical staff knows the signs of heat stroke and heat exhaustion better than I do.  (820).  I am thankful that I paid attention to them instead of demanding to continue.  (821).  Mostly, I am thankful that I can recover and be healthy and happy and keep going and come back to play at a later time.  (822).  And I am extremely happy that this weekend will be 70 and 75 instead of 95 and heat index of 101.  (823)

Sept. 2: 3 gifts cut

  1. Freshly mowed grass. 824
  2. Freshly cut watermelon. 825
  3. A bouquet of flowers.  826

Sept. 3: 3 gifts yellow

  1. Bananas. 827
  2. Butter that’s half melted on warm bread.  828
  3. Yellow daffodils. 829

Sept. 4: A gift cool, warm, sun-soaked

  1. The rain that is falling.  830
  2. Soft, fuzzy blankets.  831
  3. The community garden.  It only gets sun.  832

Sept. 5: 3 gifts autumn

  1. The colors.  833
  2. The cooling temperatures.  834
  3. The memories.  835

Sept. 6: 3 gifts growing

  1. My basil plants are growing well this year.  I decided to go for a pot instead of a plot, and I think it was a wise choice.  836
  2. Watching my children grow is a blessing.  837
  3. The leaves on the tree.  I can’t see the tree grow, but I can watch the leaves bud, blossom and fall.  838

Sept. 7: 3 gifts given

  1. Time.  We’re going to help a friend move.  It takes time and effort, but it’s a gift freely given.  839
  2. Transportation.  We just recently got a second vehicle after being a one car family for 8 years.  Giving rides to people has been such a blessing.  840
  3. Hospitality.  If I have the space available, I will gladly share it with you.  841

Sept. 8: A gift made, masked, marveled

  1. Supper is a gift I give to my family.  842
  2. The face masks my sister put in my care package. 843
  3. The care package Gena made when we had to travel to Nashville.  It was what we needed and when we needed it.  844

Sept. 9: 3 gifts framed

  1. A copy of Boo’s ultrasound.  I thought they were lost forever.  845
  2. A picture of my parents.  846
  3. A picture of my grandparents.  847

Sept. 10: 3 gifts moving

  1. Family history.  I found part of a memoir.  It was very touching.  848
  2. Ice.  When you are suffering from heat exhaustion, you need to cool down rapidly.  I know it sounds odd, but ice in that moment was the best gift and it was very touching how well and how quickly I was taken care of.  849
  3. Prayers.  I asked prayers from church while working for Ren Fest.  I’m still amazed at the number of people who are still praying for me.  850

Sept. 11: 3 hard eucharisteo

  1. Learning to be patient with myself.  851
  2. Learning to trust others.  852
  3. The sacrifices that others have made for my freedom.  853

YAY!  I’ve caught up again.  But now, I really need to get off of my blog and actually teach my children.  Until next week (fingers crossed!).


Drink your water!

Drink your water!


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  1. Maybe I shouldn’t be laughing because I know that heat exhaustion is no joke, but the picture at the end of your post cracks me up! Stay safe, dear one.

    Also – your 31 days topic! I’m so excited to read!

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