My pets

This post is primarily for my friend Andrew, because I can’t post pictures in comments.  lol  I thoroughly believe in going to shelters.  I love my animals, each and every one, and though we’ve had a few battles, I wouldn’t change anything.

Skye, my husband's active dog

Skye, the Australian Cattle dog who loves chasing balls.

My lazy bones Nana Banana.

Nana, the St. Bernard. Named after the dog in Peter Pan, of course.

Phantom belongs to my oldest, Boo.

Phantom, the sneakiest of felines.

7 thoughts on “My pets

  1. Thank you!!!!

    I don’t have pictures accessible to post in return, but Skye could be a sister to Pitunia JezeBull…the ears, and the alert, friendly expression are an out-of-the-box fit!

    And Nana could be Dukee’s sister, or Mom.

    Fantastic. You just made my evening sparkle!

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