It’s almost time

Side Note:  I know I’m behind, but I wanted to go ahead and finish this post before going on to another one or trying to make this one super long. 

We had the last rehearsal for Renaissance Festival this last weekend.  I am so incredibly tired, but very grateful to see the end.  (790)  We open this next weekend.  I have some fantastic people to work with (791), and they have all been so very helpful.  I couldn’t ask for a better first year.  (792)

August 24: 3 gifts moving

  1. Sunsets. (793)
  2. Foggy morning sunrises. (794)
  3. Teeny tiny babies. (795)

August 25: 3 gifts fragile

  1. Trust. (796)
  2. Pencil lead. (797)
  3. Glass plates. (798)

August 26:  A gift cut, sewn, buttoned

  1. Welcome Home cards. (799)
  2. My princess dress. (800)
  3. Buttons.  I actually collect unique buttons, so a gift of buttons from a friend has been long in my heart.  (801)

August 27: 3 gifts new

  1. Play-Doh. (802)
  2. Bath salts from my sister. (803)
  3. My new van.  The extra transportation has been valuable.  (804)

August 28: 3 gifts long awaited

  1. Not many people would agree with me, but my Daddy’s passing was a gift.  He is at peace, and no longer in any pain.  We were blessed to have the time with him that we did.  (805)
  2. Our house.  We looked for the right place for almost a year.  (806)
  3. My camera.  I probably waited 5 years for a good camera.  (807)  (It takes shots like this.)


August 29: A gift one, two, three

  1. One cat, Phantom (808)
  2. Two dogs, Skye and Nana (809)
  3. Three humans in my family, Dale, Boo, and Little Bit. 😀  (810)

August 30: 3 gifts very small

  1. Blood vessels  (811)
  2. Brain cells  (812)
  3. 1s and 0s in the form of bytes and computer information.  (813)

August 31: 3 miracles

  1. Having my sister attend Bible class at my church.  Even if it was just to see Boo, it felt like a miracle.  (814)
  2. My children.  They are magnificent and beautiful and they are both miracles.  (815)
  3. The fact that I can recognize when I don’t make the best decisions, that I can accept guidance from someone else (Dale) to help me make good decisions.  (816)

September 1: 3 gifts summer

  1. Warm earth  (817)
  2. Longer days  (818)
  3. Golden sunsets  (819)


So, I’m caught up now to being behind.  Thank you, friends, for bearing with me during my busy season.  I’m trying to keep my head above water, but honestly, my blog comes after my family.

On to the next post.


4 thoughts on “It’s almost time

  1. Skye and Nana? What breeds?

    Our dog names are…in no particular order…Ladron, Sylvia, Yoda, Shelby, Rufus, Daughtrie, Regis, Reebok, Josie, Megan the Tank, Mr Independent, Red, Bray, Rapunzel, Humphrey, Denali the Happy Husky, Bella the Wonder Dog, Pitunia JezeBull, Chris, Mocha Java, Duke, Survivor, and Labby.

    Oh, and Dukee. Pronounced “doo-KAY”.


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