Happy Birthday Momma.

Today is my Momma’s birthday.  She would have been 63 today.  She was a beautiful woman with a kind and generous soul.  She rooted for the underdog and cared for all those kids who needed a Momma.  I’m always thankful that she is no longer in pain, and no longer sick.  (776)

But I sure do miss her.


This is a picture of her with her granddaughters.  She loved them fiercely.   (777)

I had to work promo hours for Ren Fest yesterday.  4 promos in 24 hours.  I’m tired today.  These are the days I’m not sure I will ever get ahead.  So maybe I will settle for catching up.

August 20: 3 gifts of serving

  1. Sacrifice.  (778)
  2. A change of attitude.  (779)
  3. A softening of heart.  (780)

August 21: A gift straight, curve, turn

  1. Momma’s tape measure.  She had one that measured 180″ instead of the normal ones.  It’s been nice to have.   (781)
  2. A smile.  (782)
  3. Repentance.  (783)

August 22: 3 gifts in light

  1. Daddy took a picture of my grandma a long time ago.  It’s all light and shadow and one of the reasons I love photography.   (784)
  2. Sunsets.   (785)
  3. Early morning sunlight through the kitchen window.   (786)

August 23: 3 gifts old

  1. Momma’s kitchen mantle clock.  (787)
  2. My table.   (788)
  3. My pickle castor.   (789)

I’ve got to wrap it up.  I’m trying to have a Skype conversation with my “sisters,” and we’re still trying to get the bugs worked out.  Until we meet again.