The very busy season

It’s the busy season.  I got home from the Five Minute Friday Retreat, and hit the ground running for the Renaissance Festival.  After a very long rehearsal weekend, and a 3 or 4 hour nap this afternoon, I think I’m ready to get going again.  Not to mention trying to have school.  I have a feeling that this school year is going to look different than a “typical” year.

So I caught up on my gratitude, but I’m a bit behind again.  That’s okay.  The point is to remain thankful everyday.  Right?  Of course, right.  (5 points if you get the movie reference.)

August 8: 3 gifts in summer

  1. Sunlight.  (740)
  2. Watermelon.  (741)
  3. Thunderstorms.  (742)

August 9: A gift hole, whole and half

  1. Sunday morning donuts. (743)
  2. I have watched almost the whole series of MASH.  I started right after my daddy passed away.  It’s been a gift, because it reminds me of him, of his humor, and it’s been a way to keep him with me just a little bit longer.  (744)
  3. Boo shared her apple with me today.  She loves apples, so that was a gift.  (745)

August 10: 3 hard eucharisteo

  1. Going to Nashville to visit Lynn’s apartment to go through Daddy’s things.  (746)
  2. Dale’s job.  It’s been rough, but there have been a few benefits.  (747)
  3. Staying busy.  I am thankful for the opportunity to be useful, but at times, I feel like I’m missing something important.  (748)

August 11: 3 gifts of metal

  1. I just received a tuning fork.  I am excited to start using it.   (749)
  2. My Mother’s metal blue willow dish.  (750)
  3. Maw Maw Millie’s bells.  (751)

August 12: 3 gifts half-hidden

  1. The gears of the mantle clock.  (752)
  2. The strings on the piano.  (753)
  3. True friendship always takes some searching out.  (754)

August 13: 3 gifts in green

  1. The light tonight.  There was a rain storm.  It left a gorgeous light.  (755)IMG_5138
  2. Fresh Basil. (756)
  3. Fresh mowed grass.  (757)

August 14: A gift in a ring, curve, sphere.

  1. My wedding ring has been the gift of a lifetime.  (758)
  2. I am beginning to be thankful for my curves.  (759)
  3. One of Dale’s aunts gave us a globe several years ago.  I use it in our homeschool constantly.  (760)

August 15: 3 gifts ugly-beautiful

  1. Shrimp.  Yummy but ugly.  (761)
  2. Death.  Dead people don’t look very good, but knowing that they have a new body helps look beyond.  (762)
  3. My out of whack emotions quilt.  (763)  (If you want to know the story, just ask.)WP4Phone_20150819180748_0

August 16: 3 gifts of family

  1. In moving away from “home,” I have realized that my family isn’t defined by blood.  It is my church, and my friends there, it is the homeschool track team, it is the friends that I have made in the Renaissance Festival.  That is the gift of family.  (764)
  2. Being available no matter the time of day.  (765)
  3. Shared history.  (766)

August 17: 3 gifts in the morning

  1. Quietness. (767)
  2. Warm cuddly hugs. (768)
  3. Good coffee. (769)

August 18: A gift red, read, written

  1. Cherries. (770)
  2. Grandpa’s memoirs. (771)
  3. My Story.  Maybe it’s not a gift to others, but it’s a gift to me in writing it, and in releasing it.  (772)

August 19: 3 gifts in church

  1. A new family. (773)
  2. A sense of purpose and belonging. (774)
  3. Joy in worshipping together.  (775)

Alright, it’s time for me to get ready for a meeting.  My goal is to write my gratitude every day.  I’m also going to try to participate in the Write 31 Days challenge in October, but since I’m wanting to write on the Ren Fest, and the season starts the first weekend of September, I’m probably going to be writing and scheduling my posts in advance.  So come back and see what happens then!



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    • Oh my! That was not my intention. I’m grateful you can see the humor in it, though. I meant that people who have died really don’t look like the person we knew. And if they have been sick for a very long time, they really don’t look … right.

      That will teach me to spend all day on a post. lol


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