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I’m joining up with Kate and my people tonight for Five Minute Friday.  The word tonight is LEARN.


There are many types of learning.  There are visual learners who like to read everything.  There are audio learners who like to hear everything.  There are kinetic learners who learn best when they are moving.

As a homeschool mom, I’ve learned that not one child fits neatly into any one category.  They have a little of each.  Guess what?  So does their mom.

As a former perfectionist, I have learned that the best learning comes from the desire to learn.  So that sounds really weird and confusing.  But what I mean is that when a child WANTS to learn something, they will devour the information.  For example, Boo loved the Percy Jackson series, so she has devoured any and all information she can find on Greek and Roman mythology.  Little Bit loves building with Legos and playing on the computer, so she got the Lego Mindstorm kit.  (Side Note: It’s actually for both girls, but Little Bit works with it more.)  I have learned a lot about cooking and baking, because it is something I enjoy.

So when exactly did I lose my desire to learn more about God’s word?  Or more specifically, when did I lose my enjoyment in learning about God’s word?

Yesterday, I started a new venture.  I started art journaling in my Bible.  It’s an interesting concept, but it really appeals to my creative nature.  It’s something I hope I can learn and take many places in my studies, and hopefully it will renew my love of the Word.




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  1. I also wrote about homeschooling for my FMF post. I love looking at all the Bible Art journal posts online. I am not creative in terms of creating beauty with color pencils or other art mediums, but I really enjoy looking at others creativity. Thank you for sharing this, and I hope you have a lovely weekend.

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    • I think I came to an understanding. It’s less about how it looks, and how much you spend time thinking about the verse. There’s a different thing called “Praying in Color” that I’ve played with before. It seemed to really focus my attention on my praying. I think a combination of those two will be good for me.


  2. some of us have a lot of one or the other type too with a little, tiny bit of another type of learning thrown in. Haven’t made it to coloring in my bible yet. But I do love to journal.


    • Yeah, I know. I’ve found that I’m a mixture of all three. I used to be all visual, but now I’ve got the other two as well. 😉

      And it’s not the Bible I take to church or do serious study with. It’s one I bought for the purpose of coloring in. I know it’s weird. It’s taken my 4 months to start.


  3. So now I want to check out the Lego Mindstorm stuff…where do you buy it?
    More importantly, where do you art journal? In a new Bible or an older one? I’ve loved looking at others’ art journal pages on His Word. I’m a visual, artistic, kind of girl! Maybe I’d love God’s Word a bit more too if I did that!? I may embark on that journey too…what a gift to give to a child one day…”Mom’s Art Bible!” 🙂 Love to you, Boo, and Little Bit…and the Big Bit whoever he is?! J. Cook


  4. Everyone does learn differently! When I was at seminary, I was struggling with a class. The professor knew that I was a poet so we decided to do the class as an independent study. We would record our conversations and then I would go back and listen to them. He realized I was an auditory learner. It helped me so much with the class. And I totally need to check out Bible journaling. I’m in the #12 spot this week.


  5. Melinda,
    wow! I really like that journal drawing. I would have thought of it for Psalm 119:105. 😀
    And, I love that you homeschool, and that your post was about teaching. I will be figuring out about 25 learning styles in one classroom this year, but I’ve got a lot of support.
    God always puts us where He knows we will fit well. Even if the flashlight doesn’t turn on until the last minute. (or the lightbulb above our heads)
    Thanks again for visiting!!
    (sweet 16 this week)


  6. I have learned that my kids and I are also a blend of learning styles, too. 🙂

    As for bible journaling, I’m hoping to get a bible soon. I’ve also recently learned about journaling and doodling my way through bible study. I might look into the praying in color concept. I think the combinations will do wonders for my learning and growing in faith. 🙂


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