Part 2 of catching up

I’m getting ready today to attend the Five Minute Friday Retreat.  I’ve been looking forward to this all summer.  Do I consider myself a “writer?”  Not really.  But the chance to meet friends that I mainly know by screen names in real life is extremely exciting.

July 22: 3 gifts understated

  1. Dale’s smile.  (686)
  2. Boo’s dependability.  (687)
  3. Little Bit’s laughter.  (688)

July 23: A gift high, low, far away

  1. Grandma’s silver is put up high.  (689)
  2. My Precious Moments statues are put away down low.  (690)
  3. Keri’s friendship.  We may never meet in real life, but she is my friend, and I know I can always depend on her for a kind word and a prayer.  (691)

July 24: 3 gifts of sand

  1. My souvenirs from Folly Beach.  (692)
  2. I have a sand colored cloth that Uncle Freddie gave to my momma from Turkey.  (693)
  3. Little Bit has an experiment in the basement that involves sand.  We were trying to recreate the surface of Mars.  It’s fun to go back and look at.  (694)

July 25: 3 gifts of endings

  1. Singing to my mom at her end.  (695)
  2. Being able to help my dad near his end.  (696)
  3. This one has me bumfuzzled.  The first two endings are the strongest in my mind.  I can’t really think of a third.  Possibly the acceptance that my young adult life is now over and I really need to be more adultish.  (697)

July 26: 3 gifts fresh

  1. Fresh basil. (698)
  2. Fresh pineapple. (699)
  3. Fresh coffee first thing in the morning.  (700)

July 27: A gift on vacation, at home, in relaxation

  1. Togetherness.  (701)
  2. Belonging.  (702)
  3. Music.  (703)

July 28: 3 gifts of beginnings

  1. The new school year. (704)
  2. New notebooks. (705)
  3. New friendships.  (706)

July 29: 3 gifts together

  1. Love. (707)
  2. Laughter  (708)
  3. A shoulder to cry on.  (709)

I have to go now.  I have to get ready for the retreat.  I’m so very excited!