Crazy busy

That’s what it feels like life has been like these past few months.  Crazy.  And busy.

But packed full with fun and memories.

This past weekend, I actually had a moment to breathe.  Instead of averaging 5 hours of sleep a night, I actually got 8!  lol  It sounds crazy to be so happy about the amount of sleep I had, I know, but I felt I FEEL so much better.  We had time to spend as a family.  We went to see the Minions (totally worth it, by the way).  And I just took the time to relax.  It was wonderful.

Renaissance Festival is in full swing.  I know that sounds weird, as the season does not start until September, but it really has started.  The promos are small performances.  And I have become Princess Sophia.  And it is hot and demanding, and I am enjoying every moment.

This week is Prep Week for VBS at church which actually happens next week.  Life is busy.

But I love my life.

July 10: 3 gifts in weakness

  1. The need to ask others for help.  648
  2. My total dependence and need for God.  649
  3. A newborn baby.  650

July 11: 3 gifts in jars

  1. Strawberries that I froze.  651
  2. Homemade chicken broth.  652
  3. Stargazer Lilly candles.  653

July 12: A gift of life, growth, decline

  1. The new babies that have been born in our church.  654
  2. My basil plant seems to be thriving.  655
  3. As hard as it is to say, seeing the decline of both my mother and my father, seeing them fade on this side, and yet knowing that they will have new bodies in Heaven, that is a gift.  656

July 13: 3 gifts curled

  1. Little Bit’s hair. 🙂  Funny story.  When Boo was born, she was bald until she was about 13 months old.  And then her hair came in beautifully.  It was soft and curly.  I gave her first haircut when she was about 2 years old.  Her hair then became straight.  So I was a bit worried that Little Bit’s hair would do the same thing.  But no, her hair is curly.  A bit untamed, but curly.  657
  2. Ribbons around Christmas presents.  I love giving presents.  658
  3. The edges of a well loved book.  659

That’s the end of my list for today.  I’m going to finish up at the church building and go home now.  I’m taking Boo to the Monday night dinner that RenFest has so that she can talk about being support staff.  That will be so much fun if we are able to participate together.

Have a wonderful evening my friends.  Remember that God loves you.