Starlight, Cinderella, and Princess Sophia

Part of what I am doing for the Renaissance Festival is going to different promos.  “What’s a promo?” you may ask.  Well, I’m glad you asked.  A promo stands for promotional advertising.  In essence, we get dressed up in character and we go somewhere to become a living, breathing advertisement for the Faire.

Last night, I attended a promo at the Starlight Theater for the Fairy Tale Festival that was part of the Cinderella production.  It was most wonderful to see so many children.  To see their eyes light up when they realized that there was a princess waving at them.  I managed to go through the entire evening without any nervousness at all.  (637)

But this morning, I woke up so very sore this morning.  I enjoy being Sophia.  I do not enjoy hurting.  But as a very wise young lady said, the pain “shows how thankful you are that you were born with a healthy human body.…” (638)

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July 7: A gift of challenge, conflict, change

  1. Speaking in an accent with a different speech pattern.  This is a challenge.  (639)
  2. The gift of conflict has been the reminder that I am only responsible for myself.  If I take care of myself, then I am okay.  I can try to help others along, but they have to choose to do what is needed.  (640)
  3. Boo is entering into adulthood.  I see the change.  It is good for her, but I am sad.  (641)

July 8: 3 gifts water

  1. Water is a glorious wonderful gift.  I do not drink enough.  (642)
  2. The peace of the lake.  (643)
  3. The sound of a river.  (644)

July 9: A gift of rhythm, rhyme, reason

  1. I love listening to the frantic rhythms of the Romania at the Faire.  My character is not supposed to like them, because they are gypsy and wanderers, but personally, I do.  They have a rhythm I can’t ever seem to find.  (645)
  2. The poems of Robert Frost.  (646)
  3. My husband.  His reasoning is usually far superior to mine.  (647)