Happy 4th of July Weekend

Yeah, I know.  I’m late.  Oh well.  Such is the life of a performer and a mom.  Right?  (Side note:  I think this is the first time I’ve referred to myself as a performer.)

It’s been a good weekend though.  I took Boo with me to walk in a parade on Saturday.  It was hot but fun.  Our costumes had to be finished, so it was fun to see everyone all dressed up and fancy.   Boo handed out water while we were walking.  I never realize until after it’s over how heavy my gown is.  But we made it through.


July 2: 3 gifts read

  1. Boundaries.  I have barely even started it, and I know I have changed already.  619
  2. What Hasn’t Been Said.  I really wish everyone would read this post and take it to heart.  It would make the roads safer for everyone.  Thank you Grandpa Awesome for a well thought out post.  620
  3. For fun, let me say the Harry Potter series.  It has developed a love of reading and imagination in both Boo and Little Bit.  To me, that is priceless.  621

July 3: A gift in faith, family, freedom

  1. Because of my faith in God, I have the gift of hope.  Life is so much sweeter knowing that there is more than I can see.  622
  2. The gift in family comes from a connectedness, of being together.  We have struggled to maintain that this past month because of a huge project with Dale’s job, but we are fighting for it, because we are family.  623
  3. I am most grateful for the freedom I have to worship God in a church building with friends and family and fellow believers.  I know there are many countries that don’t have that luxury, and I am thankful.  624

July 4: A gift in red, white, and blue

  1. Cherries.  Always.  625
  2. Ice.  The crunchy kind.  626
  3. My eyes.  Without them, I could not see the beauty of the skies, or of the seas, or of my children.  627

July 5: 3 gifts of persistence – Hmm. I always think of this as stubbornness.  lol

  1. The ability to finish the task set before me.  628
  2. Seeing the waterfall at the end of the trail.  629
  3. Reaching 1000 gifts.  Of course, this is not a gift I have received yet.  630

July 6: 3 gifts of enthusiasm

  1. Little Bit.  Anyone who knows her, knows she is most enthusiastic for every part of life.  I want to be like her when it comes to her sheer joy of life.  631
  2. Being able to encourage others.  632
  3. Taking joy in the moment.  This is sometimes difficult for me, the perpetual worrier and “what-if”er to accomplish, so I’m trying to learn to do this more often.  To not spoil the moment, but to be enthusiastic about it and enjoy it.  633

After the parade and a much needed nap (634), the three of us girls walked up to go see the fireworks display.  I almost didn’t go, but after thinking about taking my camera, I convinced myself I needed to try.  And I had so much fun playing.  (635)  No, we didn’t get to see the “Big Bang” shot, but we did get to have fun with friends.

IMG_4919 1 IMG_4918 1 IMG_4907 1

It was a good weekend, and I am content today.  (636)