FMF – Favorite

It’s that time again.  It’s time to play along with Kate and the Five Minute Friday crew.  It’s time to play with words and write for five minutes, unedited.  Today’s prompt:  Favorite.

And GO:

What’s your favorite… color? Blue

Favorite food?  I love food.  But probably breads and cheeses.  So Pizza.

Favorite song?  I love music.  But I love the 60s and 70s music that I listened to with my dad.  Also, musicals.

Favorite musical?  Phantom of the Opera of course.

Favorite book?  I have a library card.  Does that count?  I love lots of different books and types of books and … yeah, no favorite books.

Favorite car?  The one that works.

Favorite child?  HAHAHAHAHA.  I love that my oldest is so much like me.  But I love that my youngest is so bouncy and bright and happy all the time.

Favorite verse?  I’m partial to Philippine 4:13, but I also like “Be still and know that I am God.”

Favorite season?  Spring for growth, fall for the colors of the leaves.

Favorite holiday?  Currently NOT the fourth of July.  I don’t like the fireworks.  But I will always take Thanksgiving.  Because, you know, I’m trying to be Grateful Everyday.




8 thoughts on “FMF – Favorite

  1. And I guess the turkey you pictured is grateful it’s not Thanksgiving…

    Sorry, I just HAD to.

    I loved this, the way you put it…straightforward gratitude and appreciation is one of my favourite things.

    Here from FMF, and I’m your neighbour…#9

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  2. Melinda!
    Oh what a treat to come over and visit you. I also would list Phantom of the Opera in my favorite musicals. (Except that it’s bumped to number two after seeing Les Miserables in person.)
    So glad you could come and be encouraged that He is rejoicing over you with singing! “Anywhere you go, let me go too. Love me, that’s all I ask of you.” (I could almost imagine that Mr. Webber took that from the book of Ruth)
    Your fmf friend,
    Tammy (tammysincerity)
    #5 in the linkup

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    • No, I don’t mind fireworks when done appropriately. I mind the constant barrage of large fireworks that sound like they are cannons going off close to my house the week before the 4th. Or the constant pop pop pop that you aren’t ever sure are fireworks and not something else. But I love the 4th of July.


  3. My fave color is green. I love musicals too!! Rent is my fave. Such a great list of favorites. Visiting from FMF where I’m #16 this week.

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