A good weekend

I had a really good weekend.  Long and hot, but good.  For the Renaissance Festival, I have to work a certain number of promotional hours.  Basically think hands on live advertising.

I have to stop here.  Little Bit is at the Microsoft Store taking a coding class.  I can tell she’s having trouble waiting on everyone else.  She’s ready to go.  It’s an interesting phenomenon to watch a Homeschool student be put into a classroom setting for the first time.

WP_20150629_10_27_11_ProSo, back to Ren Fest promo.  We went to a local art festival and walked around handing out coupons and talking to potential patrons.  The king, the queen, the king’s daughter, and the queen’s brother, and me.  It was the first time I was in my full costume.  And it was HOT.  But I endured.  I have to.  The festival will be even warmer.

WP_20150627_14_01_36_Pro 1But Dale got to come to church this weekend.  He had to, because he was leading singing.  And he seems to be in a generally better mood.  Which is good because then he is more like himself.  And Boo is home from 3 weeks of summer camp.  It was generally a good weekend.

June 27: 3 gifts framed by a frame

  1. Mom’s unfinished cross stitch. 604
  2. Grandma’s chalk painting of the stag. 605
  3. Daddy’s eye for framing pictures. 606

June 28: 3 gifts eaten

  1. Potato soup. 607
  2. Grandma’s cookies. 608
  3. Gumbo. 609

June 29: A gift small, big, just right

  1. A bouquet of wildflowers. 610
  2. My camera. 611
  3. My cardboard castle from the girls. 612

June 30: 3 gifts you gave today

  1. I am giving the girls in Boo’s cabin a bear.  Boo grew a lot this past week, and I believe it is because of the girls of Cabin 10.  I wish to give them this small gift in return.  613
  2. I am giving Little Bit the gift of making a mistake.  I’m a helicopter parent.  I fully admit it.  And now, I am not behind her.  I will allow her to make a mistake and I will allow her to learn from it.  614
  3. I am giving myself grace.  I am allowing myself the freedom to make a mistake and learn from it.  I’m allowing myself the uncertainty and doubt of homeschooling.  And I am giving God the glory to know that I trust that He will use any mistakes I may or may not make to further advance His kingdom.  I am not perfect.  Only He is.  615

So that’s it.  I’m trying not to fall too far behind so that I don’t get overwhelmed with catching up.

I’m also sitting here wondering if Minecraft will help Little Bit with coding.  I don’t know.  I’ll have to think about it.

Until next time,