I am not behind in my thankfulness

In my defense, I forgot to write this post before I left for camp for a week.  So now, I truly do feel “behind.”

I am only behind on my blogging about my gratitude.  And this time, I can only blame myself.

The girls went to summer camp.  It’s a family friendly camp, and one of our good friends is a director there one week.  So you would think I would have lots and lots of time, right?

Except that Dale and I started playing a computer based game, and I’ve been so wrapped up in developing and leveling my character, that I’ve forgotten to do just about anything else.

So here is my gratitude journal for the past week.

June 4: 3 gifts found in Christ

  1. A mediator -534
  2. Hope of Heaven -535
  3. A model of prayer and devotion -536

June 5: A gift of peace, of hope, of love

  1. Early morning -537
  2. Sunrise -538
  3. Hugs from sweaty children -539

June 6: 3 gifts “ugly-beautiful”

  1. Ugly tears -540
  2. Harsh words that you need to hear -541
  3. Mud and rainstorms. -542

June 7: 3 gifts in what you are reading

  1. Boundaries and what they are. -543
  2. Hope in thankfulness -544
  3. Fantasy and imagination -545

June 8: 3 gifts empty

  1. Service empties you of self -546
  2. Shampoo bottles -547
  3. Water bottles -548

June 9: 3 gifts that made you really smile

  1. My girls made me a castle out of cardboard -549
  2. My Ren Fest dress -550
  3. My camera. -551

June 10: A gift at 8, at 12, at 2

  1. My cup of coffee -552
  2. Lunch -553
  3. A mid day rest.  -554

June 11: 3 gifts painted

  1. The gourd from Aunt Linda from our wedding -555
  2. Watching Boo paint Little Bit’s toes -556
  3. The model I’m making with Dale -557

I know I am behind now, but I will have to wait until I get home to catch up.  The internet connection is a bit iffy around here, and I’ve already taken up my fair share of time online.  Have a wonderful day.