A moment to catch up

Remember what I said about the whirlwind?  No?  I have felt like I have lived in a whirlwind since I got a role in the Renaissance Festival.  I am taking a moment to catch my breath, and catch up on my blog.  Speaking of, I may start posting about Ren Fest, because quite honestly, it is a HUGE chunk of my time.

But I am grateful that it is keeping me busy and occupied.  It takes so much of my thought processes, that I don’t have as much time to mourn my father.

I have had multiple fittings with my seamstress.  She is doing a most excellent job making sure that my dress fits me correctly, and the fabrics go so well together.  Would you like to see a picture?  Maybe just a teaser.

WP_20150603_13_48_51_Pro (2)I am very excited to see the finished product, and I am very grateful to Mary for making me feel like a princess.  (507)

I am very grateful for the people I have been working with.  They are all extremely supportive and funny and kind and it just makes everything so much easier.  (508)  I have been given multitudes of compliments.  (509)  I have been able to help others.  (510)  It has just been a wonderful experience so far, even if I have been very busy.

May 28: 3 gifts in today’s work

  1. A sense of accomplishment, of pride in completion.  (511)
  2. An introspection that has been needed.  (512)
  3. Problem solving. (513)

May 29:  A gift at 8 am, 12 pm, 8 pm

  1. A warm cup of coffee.  (514)
  2. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich made with love by Little Bit  (515)
  3. Snuggles before bed.  (516)

May 30:  3 gifts blue

  1. My dress is blue and makes me happy.  (517)
  2. My friend Kelly gave me a blue hair clip.  (518)
  3. Cobalt blue salt and pepper shakers that I got on a trip.  They were the first thing I bought for us to have as a married couple.  (519)

May 31:  3 gifts you gave today

  1. I helped someone with their panic attack.  (520)
  2. I helped someone see from a different point of view. (521)
  3. I gave myself some slack and allowed myself to “fail.”  (522)

June 1:  3 gifts orange

  1. Tangelos.  I know it sounds funny, but I love tangelos  (523)
  2. Orange smelling dish soap.  (524)
  3. Sunny D.  It’s the best “juice” out there that all of us will drink.  (525)

June 2:  3 gifts funny

  1. Shel Silverstein’s poem “Boa constrictor.”  (526)
  2. Being called “Miranda” at the Modern Feast.  (527)
  3. Telling funny jokes.  (528)  Even if they are my Daddy’s corny jokes.  (529)

June 3:  3 gifts from today’s conversations

  1. I am still “Mom” not “friend.”  (530)
  2. I can work towards getting stronger.  (531)
  3. Making new friends is fun.  (532)
  4. The opportunity to pray for a friend.  (533)

I really need to go.  I’m getting very sleepy, and tomorrow is a busy day.  We have to finish getting the girls ready for camp, and I have to finish costume parts for Saturday, which is my first parade.  Yay!  I hope my feet and legs make it.

Have a blessed evening, and good night.


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  1. This peek at your dress made me happy! Tudor-era England is my jam and your costume brings to mind so many lovely gowns I’ve seen in books. Hope you’re having a blast!


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