FMF – Blue

Wow, two posts in one day.  Who woulda thunk it?  😉

Tonight’s Five Minute Friday prompt so wonderfully provided by Kate is the word BLUE.

Here goes:

Blue.  My favorite color.  Not baby blue, not navy blue.  BLUE.  Royal blue.  My car is blue.  My favorite jacket is blue.  At one point, my phone was blue.

But how do I write about the word blue?  Do I write about the “blues?”  Everyone seems to think I’m going through them right now.  Except me.

Do I write about baby blues?  I have been through those, when I had our first child.

Do I write about the rolling blue Gulf of Mexico or the blue Atlantic ocean?  Do I write about how blue the sky looks when it is filled with white puffy clouds?

Do I write about how Dale and I have blue eyes, but Boo has hazel?  Little Bit’s are also blue.

I love blue.  Some people would say it’s a sad color, but it truly makes me happy.  A bright royal blue brings joy to my soul.  Maybe that’s why God wanted it used in the tabernacle so much.  (Go to and put blue in the search box.  Pretty much every reference in Exodus.)

Oh, I know.  One quick story, and then my time is over.  When Boo was first born, I didn’t like the color pink very much.  I despised dressing her in pink outfits.  I would find blue dresses or yellow dresses or onesies and cute little baby blue jeans.  She also didn’t have a lot of hair until she was about 14 months old.  And I had her ears pierced at 6 months.  But because she was dressed in blue, I was constantly asked, “How old is he?”  *sigh*  She is now 16.  Needless to say, when Little Bit was born, she got a LOT of pink clothes.



13 thoughts on “FMF – Blue

  1. I have a close friend whose favourite colour has always been blue. I have to admit a certain fondness for it myself as it is my dad’s favourite colour and the colour of his eyes and that of my middle daughter’s 🙂 My favourite colour is red, but if I had to choose another, blue would definitely be it! Enjoyed your post! Visiting from #20 on the linkup at FMF!


  2. I certainly prefer magenta or coral to blue, but I am soooo appreciating the bright blue sky each morning lately. It reminds me of something clear and crisp and new. And don’t we all sometimes need a new slate. Thanks for your post!

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  3. My favorite color is green. I have a green phone, my purse is green, lots of green clothes, etc. I think you get the picture. I do like blue too though. I enjoyed the different ways you used blue here. Fun post!

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  4. Blue stumped me too – I thought of sky and sea and then the Lord told me I had to be honest and talk about those “blues.” It is a great color and I’ve never found it to be sad – but soothing. 🙂 #fmf

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