1398 miles

That’s how many miles I put on my car this weekend.  4 days, 25 hours in the car, 1398 miles on the road.  A trip from Kansas City, to Shreveport, to Searcy, AR, and then back home.  There was a time that I couldn’t have done that long of a trip by myself, and even though Boo drove for about 20 minutes each day, I still did most of the driving.

But I’m tired.  I need a rest.  And I don’t want to do that trip again anytime soon.

It was an honor to see my niece graduate.  (456)  She is my first niece, even before Dale and I got married.  She was such a cute chubby baby with beautiful red hair, and always so happy.  We are all so proud of her hard work.

The trip to Searcy was bittersweet.  It was for the memorial service for my daddy in our hometown.  He had lived there for over 30 years, so we all felt it was appropriate.  And honestly, it felt like the people who knew him best were there.  The stories that were told were how I remember my daddy. (457)  He had a corny sense of humor (458), but he also had a childlike wonder about him where he was amazed about everything (459).  It was good to be there.

Plus I was able to show the girls all of my old childhood haunts (460), and we were able to go by my mom’s grave as well.  (461)

All of that to say… I’m tired.  My brain doesn’t work like it’s supposed to.  Please forgive me if I seem to ramble tonight.

May 14: A gift picked up, put away, put back

  1. Basil plants (although technically I picked them, not picked them up.)  (462)
  2. My wedding dress.  (463)
  3. Having to put back all the Christmas gifts this past year was a very hard moment for me, but the gift was in the sense of togetherness we had instead.  (464)

May 15: 3 gifts about you.

  1. My determination. (465)
  2. My compassion. (466)
  3. My search for truth  (467)

May 16: 3 gifts found in His Word

  1. God’s glory. (468)
  2. The sacrifice of Jesus. (469)
  3. The description of Heaven. (470)

May 17: A gift in a box, a bag, a book

  1. I have a handkerchief of my mother’s that I am saving for Little Bit.  It is in a box that I gave her.  (471)
  2. Gena’s bag of snacks, waters, Kleenexes.  It was such a wonderful thoughtful gift.  (472)
  3. Gone with the Wind from Maw Maw Millie.  I think of her every time I see it.  (473)

May 18: 3 gifts unexpected

  1. All the wonderful stories about Daddy.  I will never look at a field of corn the same way.  (474)
  2. All the hugs.  Sometimes I really miss a good old fashioned hug.  It felt like I hadn’t been gone for 17 years.  (475)
  3. Boo’s companionship on the drive.  I missed Dale, but she is becoming a good substitute.  (476)

May 19: 3 gifts from your childhood.

  1. A sense of home  (477)
  2. Loving parents  (478)
  3. A love of music. (479

wedding two 086

I miss my daddy.  I do.  I miss his smile, his voice, his big strong hugs.  I even miss his corny jokes.  But I would not wish him back to his failing body.  He is in Heaven now.  Perhaps that is the greatest gift I have, knowing that neither he or my mom are in any pain now.  (480). Thank you, dear God, for that mercy.