I am thankful today

Yes, I am very thankful today.  I am thankful for my mother (423) who taught me how to love everyone (424), and my grandmothers (425) who taught me to be resourceful and crafty (426).  I am thankful for Dale’s mother (427) and grandmother (428).  It is very true that when you marry a man, you marry the whole family.  I love Jeanette almost as much as my own mother, and Granny is my grandmother too.

I am thankful that Dale had a safe flight home (429), that his pilot kept the plane in the air (430).  I am thankful that he learned a lot at his conference (431) and is excited to share everything with me even if I don’t understand it all (432).  And I’m thankful for all the presents he won (433).

And I’m thankful that even though it was stupid to not cover myself in sunblock that things like aloe vera gel exist. (434)

May 7: 3 gifts about your home

  1. The kitchen window.  I love looking out of it first thing in the morning.  (435)
  2. The ceiling fans.  They keep the air temperature down.  (436)
  3. The basement.  I’ve never had a basement before.  It’s pretty neat to have so much extra space.  (437)

May 8: 3 gifts inside a closet

  1. Coats.  It’s the Midwest.  A good thick coat in the middle of winter is a wonderful gift.  (438)
  2. Christmas presents.  I like to hide all the Christmas presents and birthday presents in my closet.  (439)
  3. Momma’s books.  Probably one of my greatest treasures is the DVD of my mom reading books to my daughters when she was sick.  The books and the DVD are in my closet.  (440)

May 9: 3 gifts found in the dark

  1. Stars.  You can’t see them without the dark.  (441)
  2. Quiet.  It’s always so much quieter at night.  (442)
  3. Solutions.  You know how you always come up with the solution to a tricky problem AFTER you go to bed?  (443)

May 10: a gift outside, inside, upside down

  1. My pot of basil. (444)
  2. My mini rose bush (445)
  3. Little Bit.  She’s usually upside down, inside out, crazy all over the place.  I love her to pieces.  (446)

I’m still working on my new normal.  It almost feels like life took off at lightening speed.  Thank you God for your grace and your mercy that keep me sane.