Hello Again.

I must be on a roll.  Not really, but it feels like I’m posting more than normal.  Really, that’s because the title of this blog is Grateful Everyday.  Not some days, not when I feel like it, but every day.  So, I’m trying to post more because of that.

August 21:  3 gifts found in Christ

  1. A mediator   351
  2. A brother   352
  3. A Savior   353

August 22:  3 gifts close

  1. My oldest daughter, Boo.   354
  2. My youngest daughter, Little Bit.  355
  3. My Bible.  It’s worn, but it’s well loved.   356


It’s time to make dinner.  Hopefully you have a fantastic day, and know that God loves you, and blesses you richly.