I’m not behind today.

See?  I can do this on a daily basis.  lol

April 20:  A gift stacked, stashed, stilled.

  1. Pancakes.  Fluffy, chocolate chip pancakes.  347WP_20150420_07_51_30_Pro
  2. Books for the girls from my mom.   348
  3. What does this mean?  A gift that you have used, but it’s now stilled?  Or a quiet gift?  I’m not sure I know how to answer this one.  I used to sing and listen to music all the time, and now, I am still and try to listen to the meaning more often.  (349)  My quiet gifts would be a listening ear.  (350)

I’m going to finish my pancakes now.  I hope you have a beautiful, thanks-filled day.