A new stage of life

I have unwittingly and unknowingly moved into the next stage of my life.  Boo turned 16 last week.  This week, Dale and I gave her permission to start dating.  Last night, a young man asked me if he could take her out.

How did this happen??  How did she go from being my 4 year old sidekick to being a dating 16 year old?  IMG_0206On one hand, I am thrilled for her to be walking this new part of life with her.  On the other hand, I’m terrified.  I don’t know that I know HOW to be the mother of someone who dates.  And I know it should be easy since I did in fact date, but I don’t remember very much.  This is all very new to me.

But it’s also bittersweet.  I guess I’ve given up on the dream of having another little one to hold in my arms.  And now I’m trying to focus on the remaining few years I have with this precious child and giving her and her sister the time they need to grow in wisdom and godliness. It is way too easy for my mind to jump ahead to when we’re talking to THE boy about her hand in marriage.  (Patience, Melinda.  Patience.)

With that said, here is my joy dare, 1000 gifts challenge.

March 19: 3 gifts eaten

  1. Starburst jelly beans  251
  2. Roast beef  252
  3. Movie theater popcorn  253

March 20: 3 gifts that made you laugh

  1. Little Bit  254
  2. Skye, the amazing Australian Cattle Dog  255
  3. Funny shows on TV  256

March 21: A gift salty, sweet, just right

  1. French fries  257
  2. Swiss chocolate  258
  3. Chocolate covered pretzels at Christmas time  259

March 22: 3 gifts found in His word

  1. Jesus  260
  2. The armor of the Word of God. (Ephesians 6:10-18)  261
  3. Every time I read the Bible, I find something new, or a different way to read a verse.  That freshness, that newness is a gift.  262

March 23: 3 gifts found in women today

  1. Strength  263
  2. Determination  264
  3. Tenderness  265

March 24: 3 gifts spoken

  1. “Yes.”  266
  2. “I love you.”  267
  3. “Snuggles?”  268

Here’s to the new stage of my life!  I hope I have the grace to go through it well.