IMG_0006It feels like things are starting to line up.  We’ve sold our trailer in Louisiana.  We’ve paid off several debts, and are just a few more payments away from finishing a few other debts.  We got a nice tax refund, and a share of the profits from the trailer.  So, with that, we got a few new “toys” to play with.

Dale got me a very nice camera.  I’m so happy.  I’ve been taking tons of pictures.  My favorite subjects seem to be my children.  I hope to post a lot pictures, and I hope you enjoy them.

March 13: 3 gifts round

  1. Stickers  233
  2. Pizza  (except for Square Pizza)  234
  3. Camera Lens  235

March 14: 3 gifts found in silenceIMG_0020

  1. Thoughts  236
  2. Dreams  237
  3. Prayers  238

March 15: 3 gifts given away

  1. Time  239
  2. Love  240
  3. Forgiveness  241

March 16: 3 hard eucharisteos

  1. The passing of time.  242
  2. Moving away  243
  3. Miscarriage  244

March 17: a gift turned, folded, hungIMG_0072

  1. Dog eared pages in books  245
  2. Clean t-shirts  246
  3. Towels on a clothesline.  247

March 18: 3 gifts red

  1. Extra cherries in my milkshake  248
  2. Apples  249
  3. Christmas quilt  250

I hope you have enjoyed this series of thanksgivings and gratefulness.  I really am trying to cultivate “an attitude of gratitude.”  Some days it’s a challenge, but it also is becoming easier as the year goes by.  How about you?  How many gifts can you count today?

Hugs, Melinda