I’m counting my blessings

Literally.  I’m counting my blessings.  In other words, I’ve started numbering the things I come up with for the Joy Dare.  I was reading Ann Voskamp’s book, and it struck me that I’m not sure what I’m up to in my list of 1000 things to be thankful for.  So I went back and added numbers to them.  I’m up to 196 so far.  Let’s see how many more I can get to tonight, okay?

Before I get into the categories for the days, I want to add some that I’ve been thinking about, that I just want to list.  I find myself in an attitude of being thankful and grateful and wanting to praise God for it without trying to fit it into a box.

  1. The DOT websites that helped me navigate home safely  197
  2. A sensible husband who convinced me to stop driving when I was tired.  198
  3. A warm pool all to ourselves 199
  4. Fluffy white pillows  200
  5. Fluffy white blankets and crisp clean sheets  201
  6. Wonderful friends like Gena who help when I ask.  202
  7. A yummy birthday cake  203
  8. Urgent care  204
  9. A sprain, not a break  205
  10. Radiology  206

March 5: 3 gifts found

  1. Rocks along the path  207
  2. Angel Pennies  208
  3. Flowers  209

March 6: A gift bent, broken, beautiful

  1. Friendships that are healing  210
  2. Relationships that are mending  211
  3. Marriage  212

March 7: 3 gifts in the kitchen

  1. Sugar, flour, eggs  213
  2. The kitchen window  214
  3. A gas stove  215
  4. The tea kettle  216

March 8: 3 gifts loud

  1. Little Bit’s laughter  217
  2. Teenagers that run around  218
  3. Andy  219

My life has been exceptionally full and blessed this weekend.  I am grateful to God for allowing me to be in His presence today.  (220)

Have you ever dared to count your blessings?  How many can you count in 5 minutes?

Hugs,  Melinda

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