My words are tired

I can’t think of any witty words to say tonight.  I’m tired from staying up too late and getting up too early.  It’s hard to do everything that needs to be done.  But I’m thankful that I have the opportunity to help my daddy.  And I’m thankful that my children get to see service in action.

February 27: 3 ugly-beautiful gifts

  1. Depends.  Weird, I know, but definitely qualifies as ugly-beautiful  176
  2. Clorox wipes  177
  3. TV time with my dad.  I can’t stand it, but my children love seeing all the shows they don’t get to watch at home.  178

February 28: 3 gifts from the past

  1. The Bible.  I’m sorry, but it is the most precious gift I have ever received.  179
  2. Grandpa’s story.  I am very thankful that he wrote it down.  180
  3. Grandma’s newspapers.  Momma had them preserved, so we have an important piece of history.  181

February 29: A gift dull, shimmering, cleaned – I know, we didn’t have a leap year this year.  But the purpose is gratitude.  I can add as many as I want.  Right?  😉

  1. Grandma’s silverware service.  I don’t use it often, but I treasure it.  182
  2. The earrings and necklace that Liz gave me for Christmas.  183
  3. A car wash.  Something about having a freshly cleaned car just makes my heart happy.  184

March 1: 3 gifts at 3 pm

  1. Afternoon naps  185
  2. Trips to the library  186
  3. Field trips  187

March 2: 3 gifts green

  1. Green grass  188
  2. Green tree leaves  189
  3. Growing flowers  190

March 3: 3 gifts worn

  1. My wedding dress.  My mother made it.  191
  2. My wedding ring.  Dale cried over it.  It is a precious gift.  192
  3. Brand new tennis shoes.  193

March 4: 3 gifts hard to give thanks for

  1. My mother’s death  194
  2. My father’s illnesses  195
  3. Lessons learned while away at school  196

I don’t know if it’s getting harder to focus on being grateful, or if I’m just too tired to really focus on it.  I do know that I want to continue even though it may get harder still.  Hopefully, once I’m home next week, it will be easier to come up with the gifts I’ve been given.

If you’ve been following along with me, thank you for reading what may be a somewhat vague and ambiguous post.  Until next time.

Hugs, Melinda