Stir Crazy

The children and I are in Tennessee helping my daddy out for a bit.  The apartment is a 2, maybe 3 person apartment.  There are 5 of us here right now.

There is snow and ice, and Daddy is pretty much house bound for the moment.  My 9 year old has energy to spare.  She’s starting to get a bit stir crazy.  I brought their school books, and they have “stuff” to do, but it’s not what she wants to do.

I’m going a bit stir crazy trying to get her to calm down.  Oddly enough, the 15 year old is the one who seems to be okay.  Give her a book, and she’s fine.

The gifts for this week are challenging.  I’m going to do my best, but I might not be able to fit the categories just exactly right.  That’s okay, because the challenge is really to be thankful and grateful for everyday.  Right?  With that, here goes nothing.

February 22: 3 gifts that changed today – I’m a bit stumped by this one.

  1. My responsibilities as a daughter.  158
  2. My parental responsibilities are changing as well.  I am struggling to see the gift in this, and struggling to accept it, but I know it is there.  159
  3. Getting Child #2 assessed for dyslexia.  If this doesn’t change our lives, I don’t know what will.  But it will be good to have answers.  160

February 23: A gift of tin, glass, wood

  1. Child #1 says “A tin of food?”  That will work.  We usually go frozen, but canned food is a gift as well.  161
  2. My glasses are a gift of sight for me.  162
  3. The cross.  The most precious gift of wood I can think of.  163
  4. My table is also wood.  164

February 24: 3 gifts before 11 am

  1. Coffee – I love my new French press.  165
  2. Bible Study – If I can get this accomplished before 11 am, my day feels so much better  166
  3. Snuggling in bed with Dale.  167

February 25: A gift worn out, new, made-do

  1. Comfy jeans  168
  2. Brand new tennis shoes  169
  3. Reusing an old purse  170

February 26: 3 gifts seen as reflections

  1. Child #1 is a reflection of me; my thoughts, attitudes, habits.  171
  2. Child #2 is a reflection of Dale, especially his smile and laughter.  172
  3. Child #2 says “Mirrors.”  173

That’s all I have today.  One thing I’ve learned is that this challenge definitely makes you stop and think.  That’s another gift: to be able to see things in a different way, and to be grateful for things you wouldn’t always appreciate.  (174-175)

Hugs, Melinda