Getting Ready

I’ve been getting ready to travel.  I’m headed to Nashville to help my dad for a couple of weeks.  My children are coming with me.  Dale is not.  So I’ve been spending time both in leaving him prepared and getting ready to leave.

February 17: 3 gifts found in giving/serving

  1. My children will get to see my service to my father.  145
  2. Helping others brings a happiness to your soul.  146
  3. Helping others is just helping others.  I don’t know that I can find another gift there.

February 18: 3 gifts on paper

  1. A handwritten card  147
  2. Crayon drawings  148
  3. “Love Notes” from my children  149

February 19: 3 gifts that were Plan B’s (Dale had to help with this one.)

  1. Harding University  150
  2. Moving to Missouri 6 months after we got married.  151
  3. Moving BACK to Missouri instead of Qatar after Dale got out of the Army.  152

February 20: A gift at breakfast, lunch, dinner

  1. Pancakes  153
  2. Food court  154
  3. Square Pizza  155

February 21: 3 gifts whiteInstagramCapture_4363c5b0-0e45-4dbe-af74-024ac348ddc7

  1. My whiteboard.  It was free. : )  156
  2. Falling snow  157
  3. A blank sheet of paper.  157

That’s all I’ve got right now.  I’m going to finish for the night so that I can spend a few more minutes with Dale.  Have a good night.

Hugs, Melinda