Happy Birthday Dale!

IMG_3361I truly love my husband, and I love bringing him joy.  His birthday was this week, and while we didn’t celebrate in a big way, we did have cake and ice cream.  He also got Legos and pretty much planned our menu list this week.  It’s been good.  I am truly blessed with him in my life.

February 10: 3 times you heard laughter today

  1. Little Bit.  Anyone who knows this child, knows she brings joy and laughter to everyone.  124
  2. Piano Lessons with Larissa.  “Forever and ever.”  “Amen.”  125
  3. Watching the girls at practice with their friends.  126

February 11: 3 gifts in working

  1. Satisfaction in a job well done.  127
  2. Providing for your family  128
  3. Meeting new people  129

February 12: 3 hard eucharisteos – This was hard.  Even though Ann’s book is in my (ever growing) pile of books to read, I haven’t read it yet.  From what I can gather of a quick speed reading session and context, it is the Greek word for giving thanks.  So today’s challenge is 3 hard thanksgivings.

  1. My mother leaving us for Heaven.  130
  2. Tommy  131
  3. Dale’s time in the Army.  Specifically, his deployments.  132

February 13: 3 gifts behind a door

  1. Behind the car door?  Audiobooks  133
  2. Behind the library door?  The library. : )  134
  3. Behind the pantry door?  Coffee.  Yum  135

That’s it for today.  I have to go now.  We’re taking an “unexpected field trip day,” well, because I don’t feel like staring at workbooks today.  That’s why.  We’re going to go to the art museum, or the new Ikea, or…. who knows?  That’s why it’s unexpected.

May your day be richly blessed. Hugs, Melinda