A brand new month!

It’s a brand new month!  I’ve surprised myself with how well (relatively) I’ve kept up with this challenge.  Maybe not on a daily basis, but yes, I am moving forward.  That to me is progress.  I’m excited to see what this blog looks like next month.

Speaking of looks, I have been doing a bit of redesigning.  I didn’t like the “standard” template that I set this blog up with originally.  In the few minutes I allowed myself to play this past weekend, this is the template I liked the most.  I really like the darker background and the camera in the header.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them.  I barely know what I’m doing with WordPress, but I’m always willing to experiment.

January 31:  A gift on a paper, in a person, in a picture100_0280

  1. I found a letter from my mother.  I miss her, but I was happy to read her words again.  It was such a sweet present.  94
  2. Angie is such a dear sweet friend.  I am honored to pray for her.  95
  3. This gift is hard.  Being part shutterbug, I find that the gift IS the picture.  I’ve taken a lot of bad shots, but I’ve also had some good shots and a few GREAT shots.  I love seeing the world through a lens, and I love sharing that with others.  96

February 1:  3 gifts red

  1. Strawberries  97
  2. Cherries  98
  3. The memory of the perfect shade of lipstick.  99

February 2:  3 gifts on paper

  1. Sherlock Holmes  100
  2. Coupons  101
  3. Recipes  102

Happy Groundhog Day.  I heard he saw his shadow, so I plan on hibernating a few more weeks.  Until then, be blessed my friend.

Hugs, Melinda