I’m a bit behind

I knew it would happen, but I’m not stressing out over it.  I’m just moving forward.  I’ve had a bit of life happen, so posting wasn’t as big a priority.  You understand, right?

January 11: 3 yellow gifts of mercy.

  1. The sun and it’s warmth.  31
  2. Butter.  On French toast.  32
  3. My heating pad is yellowish brown.  Can I count that?  33

January 12: Something above, below, beside.

  1. Ceiling fans “above” my bed  34
  2. A new water pump “below” the hood  35
  3. A sleepy husband “beside” me on the couch  36

January 13: 3 things about yourself you are grateful for.

  1. The ability to learn new things  37
  2. The love of reading  38
  3. My caring heart.  39

That’s all for today.  🙂

Hugs,  Melinda

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