Today I am grumpy

Today, I am grumpy.  Well, only a little.  I didn’t sleep well, so I didn’t want to do this in the morning.  I’m a little better, but I want to stay on task.

January 10: A gift sour, sweet, just right

  1. Surprisingly, having to leave school was sour, but I can see it now for the gift it was.  (I may tell that story later.  I’m not ready to put it on the internet right now.) 28
  2. Chocolate.  Chocolate is a very sweet gift.  But not regular Hershey’s.  Swiss chocolate.  :p  29
  3. Just right… hmm…. I wonder if homeschooling is the gift that is just right.  It could be a gift for me, or it could be a gift for my children.  I’m not really sure.  30

Well, that’s all.  Here’s to a better day tomorrow.