Photography Challenge Catch Up

So, I’m taking time to catch up on my photography challenge today.  I found the challenge on Pinterest, but I can’t seem to find the original.  If anyone knows where it’s located, please let me know, so that I can give credit where it is due.

The last picture I did was on Day 8 – Routine.  I’m going to have a whole bunch at one time, so this will be a picture heavy post, but I hope you enjoy it.

Day 9: Someone you love.  Obviously, I love both my girls, but Boo was available to take a picture of.  Dale would have been first, but he’s at work.

Day 10: Childhood memory.  This clock was my mother’s.  I love winding it up and listening to it.  Unfortunately, I’m the only one.

Day 11:  Something Blue.  Blue is my favorite color.  This is one of my favorite jackets.

Day 12 is a sunset.  I have sunset pictures, but I would like to attempt a fresh one for this project.
Day 13: Cannot Live Without.  I went to bed late last night.  Really late.  I had my coffee pot brewing this morning when Dale called me and said, “I forgot my work ID.  Can you bring it to me?”  Next best thing to a fresh pot of coffee is a cappuccino from Quick Trip.  Do you have a QT near you? 

Day 14: Eyes.  I take a lot of pictures of Boo.  I wanted to take a picture of Little Bit.  She was reading a book, and the picture was too much fun to resist.

Day 15: Silhouette.  Not one of my best.  One day, I’ll learn how to get one of those nice crisp black and white silhouette photos.  Today, I present Boo, doing school work.

Day 16: A Good Habit.  Really?  Okay.  How about toothbrushes?

Day 17: Technology.  Oh my ever living word.  Have you ever tried being married to an IT professional?  I have “technology” running out of my ears!  This picture is the mess that belongs to our current TV/Sound System/Cable box/Wireless/Modem/Wii game system setup.  It perfectly describes how I feel about “technology.”

 Day 18: Your Shoes.  Simple enough.  Blue again.  Favorite color. 

 Day 19:  Something you want.  Boo said, “A French press?”  I thought, “nope.”  This.  A good night’s sleep.

 Day 20: In my bag.  My first thought was “Which bag?”  Here’s my collection of “bags.”  Library bag, purse, backpack.

 Upon thinking about it, a close up of the library bag will probably work better.

Day 21:  Faceless Self Portrait
Day 22:  Inspirational
Day 23:  Patterns.  I like this quilt.  The pattern is an offset log cabin block.  I like seeing all the different fabrics.

Day 24: Animal.  I have to put my puppy here.  I think she’s beautiful. 

Day 25:  Strangers.  I’m not sure I’m going to do this one.  What do I do?  Walk up to someone I don’t know and say, “Excuse me, may I take your picture for a challenge I’m working on?  Today’s theme is ‘Strangers.’ “
Day 26:  Close up.  Like I said earlier, I had to leave the house before I had coffee OR breakfast.  I guess it was a good thing I didn’t pour milk.  But this works for a close up, right?

That’s all I have for now.  I have 8 more “days” to try to capture, but I have to get back to the business of trying to teach school now.  Have a good day.