Joy Dare

The original theme of this blog was to be gratitude everyday.  I sort of let it fall by the wayside, because you know… life and all.  It’s hard to remember to keep up with a blog and writing when you have to deal with the day to day of teaching your children and worrying about your father and sister and in-laws and job changes.

But today, I read this blog post by Ann, and it reminded me of the fragility of life and how we should be striving everyday to simply be grateful.  So today, I am challenging myself to the Joy Dare for 2015.  It is pretty simple.  It’s 3 gifts everyday.  She has a collection of prompts that can help you come up with things you are grateful for.  You can find the printables here.

So, this blog should become fairly active with gratitude and joy.  I hope you can come along for the ride, because it should be pretty interesting.  (Also, if I get kinda behind, feel free to poke me with a stick and say, get back to it.  I promise, I will be grateful for the stick.)