Catching up with the Elves

So… we had a lot of life happen in December.  I’m going to use this post to try to catch up on our Elf on the Shelf and the Kindness Elves.  Please understand that I did do something every day, but I didn’t always get a picture.  Let’s see what fantastical things we got up to this year.  😀

Like I had said earlier, I did in fact plan everything out this year, which really helped with those 10:30 pm-Oh-I-Forgot-to-move-the-elves moments.  I’ve made the picture larger so you can see some of the things we included.  I found the calendar here.  Thank you so much!

 My oldest daughter, Boo helped me plan everything and helped me do “elfish” type things throughout the month.  I think that was part of why I enjoyed it so much. 

In this set of pictures, the Kindness Elves asked Little Bit and Boo to make Christmas cards.  They didn’t get around to it, but it was still cute to see them all set up.

 Crystal even got in on the act.  She sat on the piano perfecting the Christmas tree on her card.  She did pretty good for an elf!

 This is the day we made Christmas cookies.  Hope and Joy sat out the ingredients for us ahead of time.  Because you know butter has to be softened in order to make the perfect cookies.  😉

 Crystals was safely out of the way, but waiting to stir in the chocolate chips.

 On this day, Little Bit was SO worried, because she couldn’t find the elves anywhere.  She looked in her room and the kitchen.  It wasn’t until I reminded her that we have a basement and an upstairs that she found them.  They wanted to paint pictures, and sat out the supplies for us.


 I will admit that this project got put off for several days.  We made gingerbread play dough for Little Bit and her friends.  It was fairly easy.  There’s a ton of homemade play dough recipes out there, so it’s not too hard to find one that will work for you. 

 (I’m practicing my close up and portrait skills.  I always forget that I can get closer to my subjects.  Elves are good for practicing.)  😉

 Then there was the epic chess match, also known as the day Boo and I were too tired to do what was on our schedule.

  And then they got ahold of our phones.  (Not really, but it was fun to try to see everything from an elfish perspective.)  First, is it just me, or does my cat look spooked?


 Bubble lights in the tree.  Very pretty.

 A selfie with the present that Santa just dropped off.

 And one final goodbye picture.  Of course, she made this one the picture on the lock screen of my phone.  😉

I love Christmas.  I love the traditions and I love the giving.  I have had more fun with this silly Elf on a Shelf tradition than I ever thought. And the Kindness Elves are just adding to the fun. 

What fun traditions does your family have?  Do you have an elf or two?  Let me know how you get into the Christmas spirit in the comments.