Diabetes is a killer

Diabetes is a killer.  Quite the catchy title, isn’t it.  But it is.  It’s a killer.

My brother in law had Type 1 Diabetes.  According to my husband, he was drinking too much soda, and collapsed at football practice.  I might have the facts a bit incorrect, but the fact remains that he had Type 1 Diabetes.  He didn’t take care of himself.  He didn’t test his blood glucose levels often enough.  He drank lots of soda and ate M&Ms all the time.  He had kidney failure and did peritoneal dialysis.  He had heart problems.  He died in January of 2012.

My dad has Type 2 Diabetes.  He has kidney failure and received a kidney transplant in 2000.  He didn’t take care of himself.  Ate out a lot, drank a lot of soda.  He didn’t want to have a “cardboard” diet.  He has had at least 8 strokes.  He has been in rehab at least 3 times this year.  He has been in the hospital even more times.  He has had pneumonia caused by aspirations several times, this year which causes him to cough and cough to the point that his lips turn blue.  He is rapidly losing all of his strength. 

So why am I writing this?  Because I need to write out what I have learned.  You can not ignore your blood sugar levels.  You can not ignore your health.  You can eat what you want without consequences.  You can not ignore the doctors, the nurses, the dieticians, everyone trying to help you live a better and longer life. 

I am in Nashville helping my dad out for a while.  Which means I do things for my dad that he did for me when I was a kid.  Modesty has gone out the window.  I fix his dinner, I help him with his medicines, his insulin, his blood sugar monitoring.  I’m helping my sister breath a little.

Diabetes is an individual diagnosis, but it also affects the WHOLE family. 

If you are diagnosed, please, do your family a favor, and take care of yourself.