Too much information …

There’s just too much information….  Or there’s simply not enough. 

Aldrich Ames was a double agent convicted of selling secrets to Russia.

The CIA has been portrayed in books, in film, on TV, and in video games.

The agency is known for having a multitude of cool gadgets and unique tools for getting the job done.

I have all these things that I want to read about and research and write, and yet, I also feel like I don’t have enough.  At least, not enough to put into a 31 day series.  There is more.  Much more

And yet, I feel like I don’t have enough words for it all.

I think I am going to stop this “series.”  I’m not stopping my research and I’m not stopping my novel idea.  I’m simply putting a halt to including it on my blog. 

That’s not really what this blog is about anyway.

If you’ve been with me this long, I want to say thank you.  I appreciate the 1700+ views that this post brought.  I appreciate learning how to make buttons, and link pictures, and how to somewhat plan for a 31 day series.  Thank you for your time, and your interest.  I greatly appreciate it.