The start of my search

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I’m going to be honest here.  99.9% of all my research this month is online.  I homeschool, and we have one vehicle.  Getting to the library every time I want to is not going to happen as often as I want.  So I do online searches.  There are sites that I trust, and sites that I stay away from; WikiLeaks being the first one in that list.  (I hesitate to even mention the name.)

I’m sort of stuck on content for a blog post today, so I thought I would put up a whole bunch of links about my uncle that I’ve read through and used as a jumping off point.  I’m going to do my best to give a brief summary of what is contained in each, but please remember these are not my works.  I’m simply passing them on.

Arlington Cemetery – This one pops up almost always first.  It seems to be a collection of press releases and stories that appear no where else.  It’s an interesting read if you can get all the way to the end.  This is where I started my search.

Wikipedia – I use this one simply to remember dates.  As you can see, it’s missing quite a lot.

The Baltimore Sun – This one is interesting, because it’s pretty much the only one out there I’ve seen that said President Clinton “approved a CIA operation.”

The Los Angeles Times – This one starts off with the fact that James Woolsey retrieved his body.  But I never noticed before today that it also states Freddie was “a U.S. diplomat acknowledged by Clinton Administration officials to be a CIA operative.”

RefWorld – This one is interesting.  It’s about the start of Michael Pullara’s efforts to reopen the case and try to get Sharmaidze released.  It does seem to be connected to the UN Refugee Agency, but I don’t know how.

The Baltimore Sun, part 2 – This one goes more into the politics of the time, and starts to explore the connections between the CIA, Shevardnadze, the KGB, and Russia.

The New York Times – One last one.  This is pretty much the same as the Baltimore Sun and the Los Angeles Time.

Hopefully tomorrow, I won’t have writer’s block.