A Brief History of the CIA

Well this was some interesting research.

I have decided to participate in a 31 day writing challenge, where I am supposed to write and blog every day for the month of October.  I’ve had an idea for a novel bouncing around in my head for 21 years, so I’m using this month to do research.  You can find all my posts this month on this page.

Today, I decided to do a brief history of the CIA.  But in doing my research, I found a disturbing trend.  Most of the websites that I visited were just plagiarized versions of the CIA fact page.  I don’t want to present that here.  I will link to it, but I want the words to be my own.

So a brief history.  The United States has always had a history of spies, even in the American Revolution.  But the form of the CIA that we know today first started in WWII as the OSS, the Office of Strategic Services.

The most interesting thing that I learned today is that President Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947, which established a “fully functional” information gathering agency, or the CIA.

The more I learn about President Truman, the more I am beginning to believe that he may have been one of the most understated and most influential presidents in our history.  I really need to learn more about him.  Of course, living in Independence, Missouri near the Truman home and the Truman Presidential Library has nothing to do with that.

Anyway, here are some of the links I have come up with that gave just a little bit more information than I have presented here.

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The World Fact Book
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