Ford Driving Skills

Today, Boo and I got to participate in the Ford Driving Skills for Life program. It’s for newly licensed (or permit) drivers, and it teaches them some different skills for when they are driving.

One thing they emphasize is the dangers of distracted driving. They have the kids get behind the wheel and then try to send a text message. Here is Boo’s text:   Hi i’m busy driving. Let of stop before i fail
Here’s mine:  Y turn. This I isn’t easy don’t do it. P
They also got to try the “drunk” goggles, and they got to try to drive with them. Boo assures me that if that’s what it’s like, she will never get drunk.

The ever so fashionable goggles. 

Trying to kick the cone. 

They also got to do hazard avoidance, and pulling out of a skid. Its hard to make yourself spin out of control if you are used to being so careful. 
We had a good time, and I think she learned a lot. Now to get in the 40 hours of driving practice!