Five Minute Fridays – Nothing

Today’s post is in participation with Lisa Jo’s five minute Fridays, where we write for 5 minutes unedited, then go back and link up and then say howdy to the person in front of us.

It’s really fun.

And this is where I would say “GO,” but I’m not going to tonight, because I started already.  Today’s prompt is NOTHING.

And I can’t think of anything to say.

Nothing means empty to me.  I am empty, drained, tired.  I feel nothing, except exhaustion. 

Nothing can be big, like the universe.  Or nothing can be big, like a feeling. 

But it’s not nothing.  It’s something.

One of the things I’ve learned through several battles with depression is that God gave us feelings.  He gave us those emotions for a reason.  Yes, it may hurt.  It may be scary and it may be hard to feel.  But He, the creator of all life, gave us our feelings. 

And then we try to cover them up and hide them.  Or we medicate ourselves so we don’t feel.

That’s not what God wants.  So I think feelings are important.  I think our nothing can be turned into a glorious something.  It is only because of the glory of God that I can share this lesson with you.

Go out and feel today.


I must apologize.  We just got home after being at a race track for 3 hours waiting on Dale to participate in a bike race.  Which took 8 minutes and 46 seconds to complete.  My brain is a little scrambled.  Sorry if my post doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.