FMF – Choose

This post is part of Five Minute Fridays over at Lisa Jo’s blog.  Write for 5 minutes.  No editing.

And GO:

Today’s word is choose.  We make choices all the time.  We choose what we wear, we choose what we eat, we choose wear we work (to some extent), and we choose who we love. 

And we choose not to get angry at the child who was supposed to be doing her schoolwork but apparently was not.  We choose how we respond.  Do we yell and scream?  Do we give second and third chances?  How do you deal with a teenager in high school who seems to have an elementary attitude towards school?

Life is all about choices.  Everything is a risk, everything is a gamble.  What I choose, what I risk might not be a gamble for you.  For you, it might be a sure thing.  We are all guaranteed life and love if we follow Jesus.  We are not guaranteed one single moment on Earth.  The only assurance we have is life eternal in God. 

How do you choose?  Will you follow God this day?

As for the child who shall remain nameless, I choose to give grace today.  I choose to let her accept the consequences of not doing the required work.  I choose to try to respond in love, and not in frustration.  (This is big for me, ya’ll.)


Now to get back to school.  *sigh*

[edited to add a picture of this staircase, because just like some of our choices, we don’t always know what lies at the top.  Sometimes you have to make a choice and just trust that there’s a beautiful view waiting for you.]