Drink more water

I thought I would take a moment and share a little tip with you.  Have you heard that you should drink more waterWater is good for you

But sometimes, it’s a little bit hard to drink just plain water all the time.  So, I add these “water enhancers” to my glass of ice water.  It helps me drink more water. 

I drank a lot of Kool-Aid as a kid, so the Kool-Aid flavors are my favorite.  I like the cherry flavor the best.  But the grape Crush flavor is pretty good too.  I’m not too fond of the orange Crush.  It’s hard to get the right amount in my glass.
It’s really easy to add these to a glass of ice water.  I find that my taller glass takes 2-3 “squeezes” of flavor.  They don’t have a lot of calories, they don’t have a lot of sugar, and they don’t have a lot of sodium.  You can find them at the grocery store, usually really close to the Kool-Aid packets.
It’s a great way to drink more water.